Sales is a Dirty Word…Why?

dare to declare “I’m in sales” and expect whoever’s listening to immediately leak a facial expression of such disgust, such disdain, that you’d be more accepted into the fold if you’d told them you’d secretly been filling the kettle with toilet-water for the past 15 years.

Big. Small. Size Matters

Big. Small. Size matters. Especially where deal profitability is concerned. Anyone that doesn’t believe that – read on. My new client in the North West cleans wheelie-bins for a living (not glam. but v. lucrative!). He previously ran FaceBook ad campaigns and recently generated a new lead in Barrow – an […]

There’s No i in Team but is there a U in C**t?

Don’t be a C**t in 2019: Care for your People Excuse me for being rather brusque on this but it’s a topic which is very personal, so it drives an impassioned response and, as we see 2018 out, a “Poke in the Eye” is required. Employee wellness is still not being […]

Courageous Conversations: CIPD doesn’t need to do more HR, It needs to do more Balance Sheet.

Courageous Conversations Courageous conversations – What are they, Why are they Important and What does it really mean to have courageous conversations in the workplace these days? In short, “courageous conversations” means the confidence or ability (or sometimes, the art) to respectfully challenge poor behaviours. This week in particular, people seemed […]

Sales Jargon – Top 5 Terms to Understand for SMEs

Sales Jargon – Top 5 Terms to Understand for SMEs After last week’s blog on Sales v Business Development, I promised Business Development professional Dr. Manisha Patel and Ace blogger Anna Lewin that I’d tackle the Top 5 Sales Terms to understand for SMEs. The Workshop I was asked to facilitate this […]

Sales v Business Development – 5 Key Differences

Sales v Business Development – 5 Key Differences Sales is a Dirty Word, whilst Business Development paints a vista of beautiful sunshine, endless rainbows and zero targets. But is it that simple? I went to a brilliant event during the week, called Cereal Networking – held at breakfast time (see what they […]

Prospects. When is a Prospect NOT a Prospect

Prospect. When is a Prospect not a Prospect? Prospect, Prospect. Someone once said, “A business without prospects is truly a business without prospects.” But, what is a Prospect? And when is a prospect not really a prospect? Answer: When it’s a suspect. Suspects Defined I facilitated a sales-coaching session with a […]

7 Speed Networking Tips to ensure your Pitch is Perfectly Understood

Ever been speed networking? It’s all the rage these days as networking groups continually seek to differentiate themselves through innovating. And, as I pointed out in my Is Sales a Dirty Word? a few weeks ago, it’s vital you’re ready when prompted for your “pitch.” They are also, if taken seriously, […]

What Do You Fear?

This week, for the first time in quite a long time, I went outside my comfort zone. Way outside. Into my fifties now, I honestly thought there weren’t too many things I hadn’t done before (that I could sensibly commit to writing here). I was wrong. This new thing made me […]