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Selling can be scary. And selling has a bad reputation. But every business needs sales. And we’re all selling every day, even if we don’t realise it.

We can take the sting out of selling and give you the tools and confidence you need to perfect your pitch and close more business, comfortably.

Our 1-2-1 expert sales coaching, combined with online content and Zoom workshops gives you flexible and affordable sales expertise proven to help your business grow.

“I would highly recommend attending one of Keith’s engaging workshop sessions around ‘ What’s your value proposition’ I’m now able to articulate our service to clients simply, boldly and confidently.” Sara Harding, York

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What People Think of Us

“Keith’s exceptional professional international experience, combined with his engaging and interactive style of delivery worked brilliantly to give delegates insights, breakthroughs and a practical structure for clearly defining their own value propositions.”

Dr Jo North
The Big Bang Partnership Ltd

“Keith was extremely diligent and proficient in identifying risks and dependencies associated with our commercial planning. He demonstrated a solid depth of experience in strategic business development.”

Matthew Stone

“It was a pleasure working with Keith. He has a depth of knowledge and experience in the field, and a refreshing regard for ethical selling. There is a great benefit to working with someone who quickly understands a new product and its value.

Lindsey Sharratt
A Game Group

“Keith has done a great job helping us with sales and recruitment on the Executive MBA. He was instrumental in achieving a good cohort size in the UK. Keith constantly innovates, finding new ways for interested applicants to get into discussions with us about the programme.”

Christopher Saunders
Lancaster University

“Working with Keith was like working in the perfect storm…he comes with the knowledge of how to make it happens as well as the relationship skills to drive business. His energy, drive and intuition in seeking out opportunities and hitting the mark is exceptional.”

Mike Mandato

“Keith manages to get straight to the point and delivers some incredibly beneficial content. The Value proposition webinar was ideal. As an experienced marketeer and a new business start-up, it really helped to focus on exactly what you need to communicate and how, in order to succeed.”

Clare Buggey

What We Offer

We take time to understand you and your world and then, through a combination of coaching, workshops and access to online sales content, you can develop the personal skills and confidence needed to win more customers.
Regular workshops to discuss key selling attributes and skills to give you encouragement and increase your confidence over time to win more customers. We cover everything from “What’s Your Value-Proposition?” to “Defining Your Target Market” and everything in between.
Sales prowess is all very well but turning up late to meetings, chairing them badly or failing to handle conflict could seriously undermine your ability to win business. Raising your professional skills level will make all the difference.

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What is your value proposition?

We live in a time when customers can see all of your competitors in minutes at the touch of a button. Therefore it’s more important than ever that you stand out and connect with your customers.

To stand out and ensure that customers buy from you, you require the perfect value proposition. That explains to customers, in a few short sentences, the benefit of buying from you.

Developing the perfect value proposition isn’t easy, but we’re here to guide you through every step of the way. Following our workshop, you will have the perfect value proposition online and face-to-face, so that customers confidently choose to buy from you.

Want to learn more about your value proposition?

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