Sales is a Dirty Word…Why?

dare to declare “I’m in sales” and expect whoever’s listening to immediately leak a facial expression of such disgust, such disdain, that you’d be more accepted into the fold if you’d told them you’d secretly been filling the kettle with toilet-water for the past 15 years.

Big. Small. Size Matters

Big. Small. Size matters. Especially where deal profitability is concerned. Anyone that doesn’t believe that – read on. My new client in the North West cleans wheelie-bins for a living (not glam. but v. lucrative!). He previously ran FaceBook ad campaigns and recently generated a new lead in Barrow – an […]

Sales Jargon – Top 5 Terms to Understand for SMEs

Sales Jargon – Top 5 Terms to Understand for SMEs After last week’s blog on Sales v Business Development, I promised Business Development professional Dr. Manisha Patel and Ace blogger Anna Lewin that I’d tackle the Top 5 Sales Terms to understand for SMEs. The Workshop I was asked to facilitate this […]