7 Speed Networking Tips to ensure your Pitch is Perfectly Understood

Ever been speed networking? It’s all the rage these days as networking groups continually seek to differentiate themselves through innovating. And, as I pointed out in my Is Sales a Dirty Word? a few weeks ago, it’s vital you’re ready when prompted for your “pitch.” They are also, if taken seriously, […]

What Do You Fear?

This week, for the first time in quite a long time, I went outside my comfort zone. Way outside. Into my fifties now, I honestly thought there weren’t too many things I hadn’t done before (that I could sensibly commit to writing here). I was wrong. This new thing made me […]

Photos on LinkedIn – What does Yours Say About YOU?

LinkedIn Photos – Do People REALLY make Assumptions about them? Yep. Most profile photos are processed at the unconscious level though. Human nature takes over and ensures we make certain determinations just from what we see – it’s a caveman fight or flight thing, you just can’t help it. I did a […]